İşe Alım

At Kıraça, the most important criteria of hiring is matching the candidate to the demands of the position. This is why we use position-based applications in order to understand whether the demands of the position is met or not.

As a part of this strategy, we:
• Observe competence via competence-based interviews.
• Uuse different types of personality inventories
• If we need competency in a foreign language we get help from specialized agencies and evaluate the candidate.
• Examine the administrative competence in detail via competence center and case analysis, according to the demands of the position
• Have cognitive skill tests done if the position requires so.

Our job postings are published on KARAÇA CARRIER web page. Apart from that, if you apply via recruitment websites, you will be directed to the same address.

At Kıraça Holding and Group Companies the process that begins with the application, followed by orientation, planning and service processes of our candidates, are all carried out through SAP SuccessFactors.