Kıraça Holding and Group Companies started working with SAP in 2016 and an online HR portal was developed with SAP Success Factors according to the recent technology where the employees are able to evaluate their own performances.

At Kıraça Holding, performance measuring and evaluating process consist of two basic functions. Measuring the Goals and Innovations, this system also measures whether our employees reach their working goals or not and aims to measure their behaviors while reaching the goals.

As a result of Strategic Planning from Company Aim Card approved in descending order to individuals, our Performance Management ensures adoption of the goals throughout the company. The rates of achieved targets are tracked with performance parameters that are tracked all year long and year-end performance evaluations of our employees are carried out according to our aims degraded to individuals.

With 360 Evaluation all of our employees are evaluated by their subordinates, superiors, teammates and internal/foreign clients. The employee can access to results anytime he/she wants and set a course for developing himself/herself. They can also get a development map with coaching activities.